M.S.S. is an abbreviation of Mechanical Shaft Seals, who are the local manufacturing and designing company of mechanical seals, gland packing and bearing protectors and Accumulator Systems.  M.S.S. was established in 1989, who have been specialists in the above mentioned field for the past17 years.  M.S.S is based on WRIGHT ROAD, NUFFIELD in SPRINGS.  We produce a wide range of seals to the international ISO 9001, quality system.  We have had this system for plus minus 8 years and monitored by the company TUV.

We will manufacture and design seals to suit any customer requirements.  We design seals for local and export market.  Our company boasts a stock holding of plus minus sixteen million rand.  We also import a range of seals to combat all major seal suppliers.  We carry 70-80 per cent of John Crane and Burgmann Seals.

M.S.S. has a fully equipped reconditioning centre with ten lapping machines.  We also have a pump repair bay where all items are pressure tested before it leaves our premises.


To provide a 24hr service to our customers, also to provide our customers with the correct advice for their requirements.  To supply the best available, at a competitive price with a prompt delivery.  M.S.S would like to believe that our seals are of the highest standard in workmanship, quality and material specification.


  1. 24hr breakdown service is available
  2. Pump overalls and fitting mechanical seals
  3. Supply consignment stock to customers.  Who prefer to have the seals on their premises?
  4. Reconditioning of any mechanical seal
  5. Supply mechanical seals on contract prices plus a fixed reconditioning price.
  6. In constant problems areas M.S.S. will at any time fit seals to a pump and run it for a trial period until proved successfully.
  7. On prior arrangements pumps will be removed, reconditioned and fitted again on your premises.


The company boasts a fully equipped training facility to accommodate the training of staff and customers alike.  Lectures are given every third month on fitting of mechanical seals, overalling pumps and fitting the right seal for the right application.  Lectures are given to various levels of staff from engineers to maintenance staff.  Lectures are given free of charge.


We have a very large customer base.   Major customers that use our seals are as follows:

We boast with a client base of plus minus four hundred (400) customers.  If you require any references, please do not hesitate to ask.