MECHANICAL SHAFT SEALS (PTY) LTD was established in 1989 and produce a wide range of seals to the international ISO9001 Quality system. We will manufacture and design seals to suit any customer requirements. Seals are designed for local and export markets.
The company boasts a fully equipped training facility to accommodate the training of staff and customers alike. We have a fully equipped pump, repair and test section for all makes of pumps. We recondition all makes of seals and provide a new seal guarantee

Reconditioning Centre

Recondition of all makes of seals.
* Check seals to see if they are within specifications.
* All Lapping within 2 Light Bands.
* Replace seals with new spares.
* New seal guarantee. 

Production Centre

Production of all pump and seal parts.
* Produce all items to ISO 9001
Quality control.
* Produce Clamp Plates, Shaft Sleeves, Pumping Rings, Shafts, Seal Components   

Pump Bay

Complete pump repair workshop.
* Replacement of Bearings, Oil Seals etc.
* Clean, Assemble and Pressure Test.
* Supply of new pump spares.
* Fitting of Mechanical Seals.
* Modifications to pumps.


Customer Commitment and quality satisfaction

Quality Service

Our Quality Control and Training is of High Quality Management and International Standard. We have this system in place since 1997.
We have a fully equipped training centre for staff and customers. quality management standard