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These pumps were developed to take maximum advantage from the key features of a group of synthetic thermosetting resins. The resins used are characterized by excellent resistance to chemical attack, strength and hardness comparable with many metals, and a good resistance to abrasives. A range of resins is used to gain optimum chemical resistance to the many fluids and chemicals encounters in industry.

The Corro Pump product provides then a cost – effective alternative for many processed which would normally require the use of exotic metal alloy or plastic lined pumps. Equally, other more innocuous but nonetheless troublesome fluids such as chlorinated water and seawater are handled with ease and with useful economy.



Reliable has long been accepted as being inversely proportional to the number of components in any system. Quality closed coupled pumps have used this principle to improve reliability in many industries and over the last 10 years Corro Pump® have been successfully using the configuration in 90% of the toughest chemical duties. The Mk II close coupled provides a cost effective, compact solution to most industrial chemical applications.



For many operators the used of any but this tradional layout is not an option. The ability to seperate the hydraulic and prime mover elements provides tempting convenience and economy for many large sites. Corro Pump® assist the cause of those choosing to hold with tradition by providing power-end and base plate in the same corrosion resistant resins as the wet-end.



The VS series vertical spindle pump has a specialised role in chemical pumping. Because this pump operates with its volute and impeller immersed directly in the supply or process tank. It is often the most convenient method of achieving NPSHR in challenging applications. The absence of a mechanical seal means that the VS will happily run without product, making it particulary convenient for those processed in which it is difficult to guarantee reliable process fluid supply. This feature can even be utilised to advantage in those circumstances where top access to a tank is not available, by side-mounted hard-piping of the pump to the tank at an appropriate level. This unit is, of course, produced with all wetted components in our thermosetting synthetic resin materials and is available in a useful range of sizes.